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Specialist personal injury solicitors, Injury Advice Lawyers have launched a handy compensation calculator on their web site www.injuryadvicelawyers.com.

Users simply hover over the area of the body where they have sustained an injury. A pop-up box then gives them an overview of the typical minimum and maximum amounts of damages the courts have awarded for injuries in that area.

These amounts are based on records of past awards recorded in the Judicial College Guidelines: The Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases (11th edition).

Head of Personal Injury at Injury Advice Lawyers, Zaf Bashir says: “We’ve developed our compensation calculator so people can see what they might win in damages if their injury claim is successful.

“It’s important because whilst an injury might have left you with costs and expenses, it is always worth considering whether you will receive enough compensation to make your claim worthwhile.

“However, the compensation calculator only gives general guides so it is still worth contacting a lawyer for their opinion on what compensation you are likely to receive based on your own specific circumstances.”

The Injury Advice Lawyers compensation calculator also only gives an overview of typical claims values for pain, suffering and loss of amenity or quality of life, known as PSLA.

Aside from PSLA, you may be entitled to compensation for other expenses and financial losses arising from your injury, such as loss of earnings, disability aids and rehabilitation for physiotherapy.

So if your injury has led to any of these expenses, be sure to keep a detailed record and store receipts, invoices and relevant documents together in one place. This way, it is a lot easier to claim compensation for financial losses.

If you want further advice on the amount of compensation you might be able to claim you can contact the personal injury team at Injury Advice Lawyers on 08000 886262.

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