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Presenter Peter Allton
Peter qualified as a Podiatrist in 1988 and has worked in both the public and private sectors over the past 4 decades, treating in excess of 300,000 feet.
He currently is the Clinical director and Principal Podiatrist at the multi award winning Circle Podiatry which he founded in the mid 1990’s. Circle Podiatry has won numerous awards over the years but the one they are most proud to have been awarded was winning Best customer service at the 2017 FSB London business awards.
Peter is a published author of “Undefeeted by Diabetes” and has 2 Foot related passions, the first already being addressed by his other UK Health Radio show called The Diabetes Show aims to help people with diabetes live safely minimizing the chances of complications developing particularly with the feet that can lead all to often to amputation. The show supports the work of his not for profit organization Undefeeted which won the title of the UK’s Best not for profit at the 2018 SME Business awards.
His other passion is to help raise awareness of the importance of foot health in the general public in all age groups. He believes that all children should be assessed at least twice before their 12th birthday.
He states. “Generally people don’t place as much importance on their feet as they do their teeth or eyes and yet they are destined to carry them 5 times around the world – many complications with the feet and legs could be prevented if people were aware of what is normal rather than just assuming all is ok.”
“The most common thing I hear from my patients is – if only I had known earlier”
That’s why we have started the foot and leg show- to let you know what can go wrong, what to do and to know that the right person to see for any foot or leg problem is a Podiatrist.

Peter can be contacted via:
Facebook: CirclePodiatry
Twitter: @circlepodiatry

Find out how Undefeeted can help you at:
Facebook: undefeetedforum
Twitter: @beundefeeted
Instagram: @beundefeeted


Co-Presenter – Jonathan Brocklehurst

896E20A4-08CF-4406-8827-45AD2BF5080CJonathan is a Spanish-born, British and Brazilian dual national. Due to start work as a Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist, Jonathan’s previous experience in Podiatry includes a stint in private practice and working for NHS Trusts in London and Somerset.

Now studying for an MSc Wound Healing and Tissue Repair with the University of Cardiff, he currently sits on the Cardiff University Postgraduate Board of Studies for the School of Medicine.
He currently holds an Associate of the Royal Schools of Music for the Trumpet. In 2015 he passed Officer selection at the RAF Officers & Aircrew Selection Centre, RAF Cranwell. Later in October 2016 Jonathan received a Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award following success in Silver & Bronze.

During studies at the University of Southampton, Jonathan sat on The College of Podiatry Conference Committee and Winchester Science Project Team. Further, he has sat on the Strategic Interventions in Health Education Disciplines (SIHED) programme committee to promote Podiatry nationally. Outside of his professional life, in October 2019 Jonathan became a nationally published poet for his work on the theme of ‘Lightness’ at Lichfield Poetry Festival. Following this, in April 2020 he became an internationally published Poet for his work on ‘World Peace’ with the League of Poets Organisation. In addition to this, he is also working towards a Diploma of the Royal Schools of Music and continuing poetic works for publication. Jonathan is also passionate about Wildlife, having conducted baboon conservation in South Africa and is currently a donor for the David Shepherd Wildlife Fund.

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