Health and Social Care Connect

Health and Social Care Connect is a magazine style show to educate, inform and challenge people’s perceptions of health and social care on a global stage. How will it do this? - by engaging with thought-leaders and projects to learn, disseminate and build collaborations because by building collaborations and stimulating new ideas the show’s presenters believe that we can improve the outcomes for the global citizen. Healthcare as we know it in the UK came out of one person’s vision and Health and Social Care Connect aims to give a space for health social care disruptors to explore with the listeners cutting edge healthcare and social care developments. If you want to know what is happening in health social care on a global stage, health social care connects is your one stop show. It also wants to develop a dialogue with its listeners because it believes citizen engagement is the way that health social care can be made ready for the future challenges it will face. The presenters’ combined experience in these areas equates to 42 years but they both realise that to be able to help health care and social care they need to actively cause disruption and it is hoped through UK Health Radio’s global listeners that some interesting projects and conversations will happen. From the smallest conversations the biggest ideas grow so please join Damian and Paul in these conversations because who knows you might hear the next NHS being born on Health and Social Care Connect.

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