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Home Schooling/Learning is no easy task for all families in light of the Coronavirus Lockdown. UK Health Radio is giving airtime to a local school in London, to make communication for the teaching staff and their pupils easier during this difficult time. Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-10am Headteacher of Drayton Green Primary School, Mrs Doherty and Teacher Mr Mason, welcome everyone that home schools around the globe, to listen to 'Drayton on Air'. Each day we would like to have a ‘shout out’ session which will include birthday wishes, acts of kindness recognition and well dones! If you would like a ‘shout out’ please email it to DGPSonair@gmail.com and don't forget to mention your name and school. If you are wanting a birthday shout out please ensure you add the birthday date so it can be acknowledged in the show nearest the birthday date. On Friday we are going to have ‘question time’ in which we will answer questions about; home learning, school, online safety, talking to your child about challenging topics etc. Monday's I will be delivering our ‘normal’ Monday morning assembly! Drayton On Air is brought to you by Drayton Green Primary School and UK Health Radio.

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