Nutrition for Health, Perfect Weight and Wellbeing Show

IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUR NUTRITION AND HEALTH! Hosted by Dora Walsh Registered Nutritionist mBANT, Registered Nutritional Therapist mBANT CNHC DIP NUT CNM MBANT NTCC CNHC, Head Nutritionist and Founder, Nutriheal Nutritionists, A Naturopathic Nutritionist, Reiki Master and Natural Health expert. The Nutrition for Health, Perfect Weight and Wellbeing Show is an nutritionally rich, inspirational and motivational show sharing information on nutrition to optimize your health, weight and wellbeing. What should you be eating for good health? How can food help you improve a specific health problem or weight issue? How are the two tied together? Did you ever wonder what you could eat to have more energy, better sleep, clear skin, improve your thyroid, recover from illness, or any other health or weight challenge you may be experiencing? In her engaging new show Dora Walsh, Head Nutritionist and Founder of unpacks the best nutritional advice to achieve optimum health and weight, whilst also addressing our emotional ties and relationship with food. She will cover nutritional health and also how to sustain the motivation to follow a healthy way of life. Drawing from her in depth experience as a Nutritionist working with clients in over 10 years of clinical practice she shares key insights from her own health, and thought provoking case studies, success stories and interviews with other leading health experts in the field of nutrition and natural health.

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