OneQi is a show dedicated to the personal energy cultivation system known as qigong. It is inspired by the OneQi collective for qigong teachers, who support one another and provide resources and a directory for prospective students to explore. OneQi started as a conversation between three UK based qigong teachers, who realised that they have more similarities than differences and enjoy sharing experiences and wisdom with one another. The seed grew quickly to a core team of about a dozen teachers, with a range of qigong styles from Shaolin, Zhineng and Elemental. With practitioners from lineage based and bio-dynamic backgrounds, acupuncturists who have qigong embedded in their training and Chinese oriental medicine doctors, there is a rich array to tap into, join in with and share the bounty of. We realise that whilst most people are well aware of yoga, very few know much about qigong and it’s time to change that! Many scientific studies have been conducted to show how effective qigong is for symptomatic relief and preventative health care; the moves, standing postures, breathing and intention all encourage internal energy to move, clearing stagnation that causes disease, to create a natural flow of health. Qigong is more accessible than yoga for many people, although the two approaches complement one another beautifully. Often described as the ‘missing link’ in the energy masters toolkit, qigong can challenge with its simplicity, yet is deeply rewarding if you surrender to its inviting stillness, poise and graceful movement. OneQi is about creating a space to explore the differences and similarities between the contrasting approaches to qigong, to foster;  
  • finding common ground and understanding
  • great conversations and insights
  • unity, acceptance and finding a path that works for you
There is deep healing at the root of qigong that has remained mostly untapped, particularly in the UK. With pandemics and huge pressure on our healthcare system, it feels like time to make these amazing practices more visible and accessible. If you are a qigong teacher, we’d love you to be part of OneQi, where you can upload your details directly to the site, and be interviewed by another member on the 5 questions we ask to create your inclusion in the youtube channel, OneQi. If you are a prospective student, you will find a video directory of the qigong teachers along with their contact details and a growing selection of conversations between them on topics such as; direction and purpose, online teaching set up and harmony in practice. All accessible via the website We’re here to help you on your journey in to qigong and we look forward to you exploring the insights and understandings that we are sharing. OneQi’s aim is to make the healing art of qigong more understandable, accessible and affordable for a wider community in our growing world.

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