Surviving Healthcare Today

In the U.S. alone, 440,000 men, women and children die each year from preventable medical errors. It’s the third leading cause of death behind heart disease and cancer. Many unreported casualties are labeled under a different cause of death. Patients who survive errors often have to live with a dangerous hospital-acquired infection or other serious health issues for the rest of their lives. Chris Jerry has dedicated the years since his daughter’s tragic death to facilitating solutions for these issues through every level of medical care. His new radio program…Surviving Healthcare Today...will help everyone be a part of the solution instead of being wrapped up in—or even sideswiped by—the issues. What resources do you have to keep you or a loved one safe if you were thrown into the world of healthcare today? Have you ever felt intimidated when you asked your doctor a simple question? Picked up the wrong medication for the right prescription? A doctor and his or her nurse are no longer all that is needed for a patient to survive. Doctors—even specialists—have as little as 3-5 minutes with patients; nurses can have 20 in-patients assigned to their care; complex, chronic diseases require complicated long-term treatments. Family members and caregivers who have never been trained often find themselves holding up caution signs that day: “Danger ahead!” Thankfully, the solutions are often simple (such as asking a nurse if they washed their hands before examining your sutures), and a little organization goes a long way. Join Chris every Tuesday at Midnight, Wednesday at 4am, Thursday at 8am, Friday at 12 Noon, Saturday at 4pm and Sunday at 9pm on UK Health Radio or on our “Listen on Demand” section.

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