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Welcome to ‘Activate Yourself’. The show where our guests are people like you and I who have found their superpower. Because of events in their life, they've 'turned left' and done unusual, inspiring, incredible things, like overcome depression to become a happiness expert, marry a prince, or like your host - where her son's illness led her to set up a health and wellness business….Nosh Detox..........

 Here’s your host – Geeta Sidhu-Robb
In his upbeat and friendly show, Acupuncture Point, five element acupuncture practitioner Kevin Durjun will explore the many different paths that we can take to achieve good health on the levels of our minds, bodies and our souls. He will interview a wide range of people from practitioners to policy makers and will also provide health related updates particularly in the field of complementary health. As he is an acupuncturist there will be plenty of Chinese medicine related content. He will also play some gorgeous music to uplift your soul and get your feet tapping with happiness.
Many people find that after a life crisis, they want to pay it forward or honor loved ones lost by advocating for positive change and helping others. In turn, it heals some of their mental, emotional and even physical wellbeing.
Alchemy 1.01 is where you can find a nugget or two that will help you ride the changes we’re seeing across the world. It’s alchemy for beginners. The show throws a light on all the ways in which we step up and turn our individual and collective base metal into pure gold. I bring you chat with experts, businesspeople and health professionals all creating positive change for wellbeing in society as well as advice on how to minimise the health impacts of emotional, spiritual, physical, mental patterns and practices. Whether it’s gardening, diet, environmental impact, I have it covered as we dig into how to work with nature rather than against it for optimal wellbeing and explore how to live a full life while doing no harm to our world, including ourselves. Join me for a golden hour snapshot of information and inspiration!
Join us at the Brain Health and Beyond Show, with hosts Ayesha and Dean Sherzai - neurologists, scientists, specialists in behaviour science, authors, public health advocates and speakers. Explore a unique perspective of the world from a neuroscientific point of view as we discuss a variety of topics with notable healers, artists, thinkers, and leaders around the world. Visit us at, our non-for-profit at, and download our BrainXQ App to achieve your maximum brain capacity. Facebook: Team Sherzai Instagram: @teamsherzai Twitter: @teamsherzai

What’s your success holdback? What favoured excuse do you justify for your shortfalls to your business and personal life success?

Im Paul Rees your international executive business and personal career coach, and welcome to your series of think tank investment radio shows that will change how you think your productive future and manage the natural unlimited possibilities to your business and personal life success for ever.

This is no gimmick or another universal attracting exercise. My listening coaching programmes will introduce to you a new power clean thinking process never realised or expected within your potential ever!

Each think tank investment radio show will explore and help you realise how your day to day organic emotional influences chatter into your productive thought process and promote your profit depleting doubts, that then in turn sabotage your talent to profit ratio within your business and personal aspirational goals. Be clear here, your emotions influence every thought, action and decision you make in your corporate day, and there is no hiding from this natural process. You will learn how it is your natural inherited emotional triggers and traits from your personal life direct the success of your corporate and career life positively or negatively and re-affirm a new power clean thinking process to success forever.

Let’s remember always “Emotions are your value and value is your business!!”

“You or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer…” A cancer diagnosis changes everything for the patient and their family. On Cancer SOS, we discuss all topics related to any type of cancer. Guests include oncologists, cancer support organizations and survivors.
Many diseases affect the life of more than the patient alone. As more illnesses require complex and long-term treatments, the caregiver is the referee, pharmacist, medical assistant, and moral support for the patient–all without any formal training or enough sleep! A group of seven expert guests provide invaluable advice for caregivers.
Wake up your inner world to inspire your outer life. Innovative discussion with pioneering consciousness cultivators in the world today. Clara talks with researchers, speakers, authors, facilitators and performers who shine light on the many aspects of conscious living; from the environment to nutrition, psychology to spirituality and more, all to assist you to gather your energy and focus uncovering your truth of being in these challenging times. Each one of us can make a difference and sometimes it can be so simple. Every choice has a voice. Realise and realign your power to be free. Chi Time always contains top tunes, music is such a great way to communicate with one another and free up the ener-chi! See more on the youtube channel
If there were only one word to sum up Dr. King’s show and mission, it would be “empowerment.” He speaks from deep experience, and his words are enlightening, educational, and entertaining. He’s passionate about sharing, in a memorable, down-to-earth way, all the natural options everyone has at their fingertips to help alleviate suffering for themselves and their loved ones so they can live abundant, pain-free, fulfilling lives.
Amanda Nelson, the Easy Detox Expert, is on a mission to show you that that you CAN detox, lose weight, feel great, achieve optimum health, have happier relationships, become more abundant and improve your life in the EASIEST possible way!
Our show is dedicated to learning about natural approaches to achieving optimal health, well-being, energy and vitality. We talk to several different health and wellness experts from around the world, and also hear personal stories from inspiring people who have overcome debilitating illnesses through lifestyle approaches. Throughout the show, we share simple, practical steps that almost anyone can take to help reach their health goals as fast as possible. So if optimal health matters to you, tune in to Enduring Health with Dr. Shan Hussain.
The Fear Free Childbirth and Motherhood show is for parents-to-be who want to lose the fear and prepare for pregnancy, birth and motherhood. The show is a mix of real-life positive stories, experts sharing their wisdom and Alexia sharing how to get into a positive mindset.
No matter where you are in life right now, I will help "You" move forward with guidance/tips/ techniques so "You" can start creating the life you always deserved. I will help you release your wrong beliefs and create a new positive belief in order for you to move freely and attract abundance, happiness, calm, serenity. I will interview some of my old clients of who I cleared their fear and invite some special guests and also invite "You" to help you clear your fear on air.
Amanda Nelson is an Author, Therapist, Teacher and Broadcaster. She has worked in the Body, Mind & Spirit community for the last 25 years and has now helped over 75,000 people to improve their health and well-being. In Spiritual communities there’s lots of chatter about Past Selves and Past Lives but not a great deal is spoken about how we might confidently access into our Future. Amanda is a leading voice in this field, her pioneering energetic techniques are unlocking the Future Code for the rest of us. “I have found a way for you to communicate directly with your Future Self. It’s my heart felt desire to give you the chance to experience that too. You can get the benefit of your Future Self’s experience and hindsight and with that unique insider knowledge you can transform your life today.” Amanda’s Future Self Energetics™ shows include talk and therapy, interviews and inspiration, community and connection. Take her hand as she steps straight into the universal energy grids to see what conversations can be opened up there. Amanda’s book ‘Future Self: The Energetic Shift from There to Now’ should be arriving in a book shop near you shortly. Find her on: Twitter @AskAmandaNelson Facebook / or online at her website
Now that the Caregiving journey has ended, the “Healing Ties” has begun! Join Chris MacLellan, ‘The Bow Tie Guy’ for compelling conversations with special guest from across the country on “Healing Ties” The theme of the show is how we create “Healing Ties” in our life and in our community. On “Healing Ties” we focus on the four pillars in life; Our Emotional, Physical, Spiritual and Financial health and how we create good health, happiness and prosperity around us. Join Chris as he ties together four important components of life into one big and beautiful bow tie to create “Healing Ties” all around us!
Health Matters is a show that will help to inform the listeners of the daily food we eat that we think is ok and is actually harmful to our bodies. Simple ideas on how to change bad eating habits and also a strong focus on bringing children up in a healthy way that will help the children become informed adults and making wise choices when it comes to their health. The show will also cover some every day supplementation and understand what each supplement is used for.
UK Health Radio Medical News Update is your finger on the pulse of health news from around the world. On the hour every hour, all the health news that matters is presented by Amanda Thomas (UK Health Radio’s news editor) and, with a unique take on the medical stories that matter most to children, our youngest reporter, Gracie Timms.
HealthTech Hour sees Steve Roest, CEO & Founder of PocDoc, speaking to the founders, leaders, clinicians and investors who are driving the HealthTech revolution and are at the forefront of healthcare innovation. Drawing on his extensive network, Steve will give listeners a unique insight into some of the most exciting technologies and most inspiring people from across all aspects of HealthTech.
It is an opportunity to really lift the lid on female intimate health and the way it impacts every area of life and relationships. Jenni Russell is the innovator and author of Pelvic Floor Secrets - 6 weeks to confidence, continence and sexual satisfaction. She shares her secrets for these vitality important muscles that link our inner and outer worlds. Lose your inhibitions around a topic that deserves its place in the school curriculum much less mainstream media and social conversation. You will be enlightened and entertained.
UK Health Radio's weekly Herbal Medicine Show with Kirsten Hartvig. A cocktail of news, views, music and song from the world of natural health and herbal medicine. Hear stories from the biodynamic herb garden, meet internationally renowned guests from the world of holistic health, and explore how to use food and herbs as medicine as you learn herbal tips and tricks to keep yourself, your family and your herb garden healthy and happy.
Home Schooling/Learning is no easy task for all families in light of the Coronavirus Lockdown. UK Health Radio is giving airtime to a local school in London, to make communication for the teaching staff and their pupils easier during this difficult time. Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-10am Headteacher of Drayton Green Primary School, Mrs Doherty and Teacher Mr Mason, welcome everyone that home schools around the globe, to listen to 'Drayton on Air'. Each day we would like to have a ‘shout out’ session which will include birthday wishes, acts of kindness recognition and well dones! If you would like a ‘shout out’ please email it to and don't forget to mention your name and school. If you are wanting a birthday shout out please ensure you add the birthday date so it can be acknowledged in the show nearest the birthday date. On Friday we are going to have ‘question time’ in which we will answer questions about; home learning, school, online safety, talking to your child about challenging topics etc. Monday's I will be delivering our ‘normal’ Monday morning assembly! Drayton On Air is brought to you by Drayton Green Primary School and UK Health Radio.

Atiq Ahmad Bhatti is a 4th generation registered Homeopathic Practitioner and a Fellow of the British Institute of Homeopathy and member of the NHS Directory.

With his myriad of over 20 years of experience in Homeopathy, Biochemic Salts, applied Homotoxicology and Spagyric Remedies, Atiq will regularly share with you key Homeopathic remedies that will prove beneficial for everyday ailments and conditions through his Homeopathic Solutions series.

He will also share methods on utilising the power of healing found in Homeopathy that may help you on your journey to enjoying a healthy life.

Atiq’s motto: Your Health, Your Family, Your Life.

In the Dog House with Julie Hill concentrates on canines, but includes other pets too. Our four-legged friends enhance our lives immensely. Julie will arm you with the knowledge to maintain your dogs’ - and other companion animals’ – physical and mental health and well-being. Whether it’s which diet to feed, the best training methods, how to provide enrichment, where they should be sleeping, or even which name to pick, this show has all the dog and pet information and news you need.
The Inner Light Project is for anyone who wants to lead a happier, healthier and enlightened life. Create more self-love, inject more joy and abundance into their divine life. Join me for intuitive thinking and spiritual topics, so you can shine your inner light. Previous snippets of the Soul Warrior Moments have been added below.
“Ladies Who Inspire” is an amazing show with and about ladies who took life’s adversities and turned them into helping others in a variety of charitable ways.
This is where you the listener can vote for a specific show of your choice, to be repeated on the weekend, simply by clicking here and sending a email with the show and/or presenters name. We look forward to receiving your email vote and reloading the show you want to hear. Your UK Health Radio Team

Monday to Friday from 7 - 9am!

 A “never before heard” health orientated show, dedicated only to health & well-being! It not only includes expert advice from presenter Dr. Shan Hussain, a GP, … but also incorporates lifestyle choices that favour disease prevention. A show transporting information in a light, uplifting and positive manner. Featuring health professionals, VIP's and sportsmen/-women, music, healthy recipes, book reviews, fitness trends and even spotlighting quality products and services. Yes, all aspects of health and wellness, fitness, diet and nutrition, illness prevention and even environment issues.

So no, no doom and gloom, only - real “feel good” radio!

Listen to it LIVE on UK Health Radio, also live streamed via YouTube and available on UK Health Radio's - 'Listen on Demand' for our global audience. Start your day the healthy way!

Life is always what happens when you are making plans. And I know that is true for so many of us, including me. But not everyone reacts the same way to misfortune, change, upheaval. I delight in showcasing and speaking to people who were going merrily along their way until bang! something happened to change their lives forever.                                                                 My guests have taken each of these changes as an opportunity to make their lives better, to serve more people, to show up as their best selves.                   As they say chaos creates growth. And as I say, 'Change is inevitable, Joy is optional.'                                                                                                                     Tune in for more feel good than you can imagine.
Life Mastery Coach Leaha Mattinson provides inspiration, intelligence and insight that will help you Master Your Life. Everyone has challenges on their journey and Leaha is no exception. However, she combines her personal experiences with expertise and knowledge to provide powerful tools to help listeners regain control of their lives. She also brings a vast array of inspirational and insightful guests who add wisdom and practical advice if you need direction in any area of your life, this entertaining and empowering show is for you!
The Natural Healing Show, a community platform raising awareness on the natural world, natural living and natural healing; connecting people back to nature. Nature is one of our greatest teachers. Even though many of us today are living and growing up in urban environments it is vital to keep a strong connection to the natural laws that exist and keep them rooted in our daily consciousness. The Natural Healing Show focuses on humanities connection to the natural world and natural healing methods practiced by many different cultures around the world for thousands of years. Exploring nature, science, indigenous wisdom, plant healing, eco-living, outdoor education, sustainable living, conservation, the environment, global development and various natural healing methods, therapies and teachings. Connecting with creative & professional individuals from a range of different fields. Various organisations, charities, artists, musicians, film makers, campaigners, writers, journalists, inspirational speakers, environmental activists, doctors, physicians, therapists, healers, events organisers & outdoor educators. If you wish to share a story, research or a case study, raise awareness on a campaign or be invited to speak on the Natural Healing Show, please connect with Yara. Keep it natural, keep it real with the Natural Healing Show.
The Natural Healing Show empowers you to achieve exceptional levels of health and well-being through discovering the healing power of natural health. Your host, Catherine Carrigan, is a medical intuitive healer and the Amazon number 1 bestselling author of 10 books. Learn more about her work at At the Natural Healing Show we hear from the world’s leading experts about how you can heal yourself naturally. Learn drug-free alternatives from the realms of energy healing, nutrition, shamanism, herbalism, naturopathy, flower essences, aromatherapy, plant medicine, kinesiology, sound healing, natural vision improvement, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, meditation, breathwork, movement therapy, Feng shui, biological dentistry, NLP, homeopathy, food healing, spiritual healing, sleep improvement, brain integration, art therapy and natural healing remedies from all over the world. The Natural Healing Show was founded & previously presented by Yara Ghrewati from Wildeye Adventures.

Tune in and listen to Health Today Radio, a show hosted by Dominic Arkwright for the NHS choices. Each week, Dominic chats with experts and celebrities about various health and lifestyle topics. He’ll listen to personal stories of individuals dealing with a condition they, or a family member or friend, have. Don't miss the regular feature about the unsung heroes of the NHS and many practical lifestyle tips. The views expressed in the programmes are the individuals' own opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views or official policies of the Department of Health or NHS Choices.

NHS Choices - Health Today Radio is intended for use only by people who live in England. References to ‘the NHS’ mean ‘the NHS in England’ unless otherwise stated. Service descriptions, entitlements and costs refer to services in England and arrangements may differ elsewhere in the UK.

IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUR NUTRITION AND HEALTH! Hosted by Dora Walsh Registered Nutritionist mBANT, Registered Nutritional Therapist mBANT CNHC DIP NUT CNM MBANT NTCC CNHC, Head Nutritionist and Founder, Nutriheal Nutritionists, A Naturopathic Nutritionist, Reiki Master and Natural Health expert. The Nutrition for Health, Perfect Weight and Wellbeing Show is an nutritionally rich, inspirational and motivational show sharing information on nutrition to optimize your health, weight and wellbeing. What should you be eating for good health? How can food help you improve a specific health problem or weight issue? How are the two tied together? Did you ever wonder what you could eat to have more energy, better sleep, clear skin, improve your thyroid, recover from illness, or any other health or weight challenge you may be experiencing? In her engaging new show Dora Walsh, Head Nutritionist and Founder of unpacks the best nutritional advice to achieve optimum health and weight, whilst also addressing our emotional ties and relationship with food. She will cover nutritional health and also how to sustain the motivation to follow a healthy way of life. Drawing from her in depth experience as a Nutritionist working with clients in over 10 years of clinical practice she shares key insights from her own health, and thought provoking case studies, success stories and interviews with other leading health experts in the field of nutrition and natural health.
Expert guest speakers and previously sleep deprived parents, will be joining Marta to dish out all you need to know to help your child love sleep. Plus! Marta will also be focusing on you and your mental health.
Recovery Today is a show where I will interview inspirational people who have changed their lives which led to a recovery. Most of my guests will be in recovery from addiction, but not exclusively. There will be people with mental health problems, and other life issues. As music is an important part of my life, my guests will choose three pieces of music that have been significant in their lives. E-Mail: Facebook: Jim Smith
Robert empowers his listeners with healing principles that can aid in physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, economic and, yes, even political healing! Two hours of healing information on radio, dealing with everyday health issues from the perspective of holistic health care. He tackles the tough issues and shows no fear when confronting government and corporate bullies who would stand in the way of health freedom.
Sports and Lifestyle Biz is a fast, informative and action-packed show bringing you all from the world of sport with a hint of lifestyle and biz. We will bring you the best from all the major sporting news and events including Football, Formula 1, Rugby and Cricket to the extreme sports like Chess Boxing. We will bring you features on youth foundations and the development areas for youngsters plus interviews with inspirational women and children. We also have thoughts, ideas and recipes from people connected to health and nutrition and that little bit of 'Biz'…
Janey Lee Grace is known to over 9 million listeners via BBC Radio 2, author of 5 books on holistic living and runs the popular natural products recommendations site Imperfectly Natural. Janey writes columns for many magazines having ditched the booze and given a TEDx talk 'Sobriety Rocks - Who Knew!' She founded The Sober Club offering inspiration and support for people wanting to focus on optimum health and wellbeing underpinned by sobriety.

Supporting infant sleep with care is not your normal sleep resource. We won’t be giving you another opinion or telling you what you should be doing with your family; you hear enough of these already!

We will be sharing advice, knowledge and guidance based around realistic sleep expectations, sleep science and bedtime biology to give you the tools to support your child’s sleep so that it is sustainable for your whole family. You really don’t have to cry it out, you can care it out.

Talk Fertility is a weekly show discussing the wide range of issues affecting our fertility. From conditions such as PCOS and Endometriosis to understanding male factors such as sperm DNA fragmentation and Azoospermia, no stone is left unturned. Hosts Natalie Silverman and Kate Davies have combined their experience and their contact books to compile interviews with fertility experts as well as men and women sharing their infertility struggles, to create a show that will educate and empower you in what the next steps might be on your route to parenthood.
The ‘D’ Word is the UK’s only dementia based radio show. Talking to experts and people living with dementia presenter Pete Hill aims to raise the profile of the condition that affects 50 million across the globe.
The Diabetes show exists to serve 2 key purposes. Firstly to raise people’s awareness of the seriousness of the disease and its complications and secondly give hope to those living with it by empowering them to live as safely as possible with better blood glucose control and in the case of Type 2 even reverse it. Guests will range from experts in their field be it medicine, nutrition, fitness, and you the person living every day with the disease. Sometimes we will inspire you, motivate you and probably sometimes scare you but we promise always to give you value in return for the gift of your time listening to us. Got a question for us –just let us know and we’ll endeavour to answer it both personally and on air on a subsequent week. (Remember no question is a silly one, if your wondering what is the answer, guaranteed there will be other listeners also wondering the same thing.)

The Food Teacher will focus on the importance of food to improve health and wellbeing by raising topical and relevant issues with leading experts from both the UK and abroad. From gluten intolerances, allergies, autism, hormones and autoimmunity, the power of food as medicine will be explored and debated. 

If you have an interest in a particular topic or comments about the show please email:

Intro music to The Food Teacher ‘Electric Sky’ generously provided by keen producer of electronic music and sax and piano player Michael Keefe (age 14). Additional music by Michael can be found at:

Podiatrist Peter Allton (Clinical director of the award winning Circle Podiatry) has over 30 years experience treating over ¼ million foot and leg complaints. He has a passion for raising awareness of all aspects of foot health. Lets face it your feet are probably the least cared for part of your body and yet they are destined to carry you 5 times around the world in your lifetime. Whether you expect them to run marathons, walk through the countryside or along the beach, score goals for your country, dance the night away or simply get you round to the corner shop, you rely on our feet to do what you ask of them. The problem is that all too often at some point in life they let you down. The foot health show exists to raise your awareness of just how important your feet are, to give you the solutions to your foot and leg problems and to teach you how to prevent future issues. We aim to enable you to keep active doing the things you enjoy with those you love for many years to come.

The Good Grief Conversation is brought to you by a mother and author who experienced the worst grief a mother can. Janet lost her son Murray aged 22-years old, July 14th 2019. She knew her journey back to happiness would be a challenging one but she had no idea what would unfold.               In this uplifting, often emotional and honest conversation, Janet takes you on an inspiring journey, with authors, healers, psychologists, scientists and more.                                                                                                                                 This is a place for you to grow through your loss and come out a stronger, wiser and happy person.   For ‘Podcast Extras’ and resources from the guests, go to                                             You can also connect with Janet on Facebook at
Maureen Sullivan has worked for many years as a Registered Nurse, most of them in emergency and trauma services. She is a Certified Emergency Nurse, Certified Diabetes Educator, and the former manager of a hospital stroke program. Maureen’s wealth of knowledge, passion for nursing and education, and ability to engage people makes her an excellent teacher and a captivating lecturer. Recently, Maureen has been concentrating on writing, speaking and teaching, as well as working on her award-winning weekly podcast, “The Health and Humor Show.”
The Healthy Debate Show will take you on a 360° journey around different health related topics; from mental and public health to social wellbeing. She will be joined by guests with various backgrounds, analysing the topic from every angle: medical, psychological, spiritual, or any other relevant direction.

The Onco’Zine Brief is an interview and discussion program presented by Peter Hofland, Ph.D and Sonia Portillo, covering a broad range of topics and timely news updates with information from all oncology disciplines and sub-specialties from around the world.

The Onco’Zine Brief is a sponsor-supported, program for healthcare professionals involved in the management and care of cancer patients as well as cancer patients and their family and friends.

The show invites scientists, researchers, medical experts, key opinion leaders, authors, caregivers, cancer patients and survivors to share the latest information about the new developments in the treatment of cancer.

Production team:

The Onco’Zine Brief is produced for Sunvalley Communication, LLC by Peter Hofland, Ph.D, Sonia Portillo, Eric Rosenthal, Evan Wendt, David Caylor and Shaun Mehr and distributed by InPress Media Group, LLC

Calling all human beings who can relate. We are busy bees, we are happy, we are sad, we are lonely, we are in community. We are all mutli-faceted. Join me, Russell James of The Raw Chef and hear about life and whole living from the perspective on what we put into our bodies (food, media, chronic thought, friends/family/girlfriends/boyfriends/husbands/wives) makes up who we are. We get to choose. I continue to learn this and am excited to share my expertise of whole foods and my journey into healthy, whole-self living.

The Relaxback UK show is weekly and has the objective to inform and entertain listeners on a variety of health related topics but often majoring on musculoskeletal health. Mike does not have a medical background but has become knowledgeable and is not afraid of asking searching questions of his guests. He seeks out experts to inform and entertain the listeners. Listen in and you will find out something useful that you did not know. If you don’t you will hopefully be made to smile or even laugh at some light hearted moments or even one of the host’s rants! If you have a health topic that you would like to be covered please do contact Mike via email at

The Speech & Language Therapy Show with Shermeena Rabbi discusses a variety of topics related to speech and language therapy/pathology. There will be interviews and dialogues with experts in the field of speech therapy, education and medicine. Topics covered will be in relation to speech, language, communication, voice and swallowing difficulties.

The Sports Doctor Radio Show’s large audience is comprised of people in all fields of sports medicine. They range from Physical therapists to PhD’s! The show features, "all things sports medicine, fitness & wellness,” and is live weekly. Dr. Bob’s guests are a who’s who of experts that include local, National and International figures from all involved areas and topics.
Join Duncan each week as he opens the door to The Therapy Suite a topical review of mental health and well-being. Starting with news stories making the headlines, Duncan will provide a few thoughts to consider, followed by a look at trends, ideas and comment with a therapy focus. The Tool Box Talk will provide an insight into people who changed the therapeutic world and the different methods of practice applied by professional counsellors. There will be uplifting music to put a smile on your face and Wise Words; motivational statements to reflect on. Whether you have an interest in mental health, are considering counselling therapy for the first time, or simply looking for an interesting and topical programme to tune into, The Therapy Suite will be a show not to missed.
Gavin J will be presenting the Therapy Suite on UK Health Radio, talking about health issues, and topics which affect society, with the hope that listeners will feel empowered to help change areas in their life, in order to excel them to the next level.
Join Dr Nagpal in the therapy suite teach week to hear up to date news in relation to mental health and for information on various topics within mental health, and useful tips on how to deal with certain issues. There will be interviews and dialogues with mental health experts, stories of hope and recovery, and motivational quotes included. If you're interested in mental health, and want to know more about it, or need some useful advice and tips, the Therapy Suite is a show not to be missed.

Its all about inspiration...not just to stroke sufferers but to anyone suffering from a long term affliction...or someone wanting to just get better. The show has regular expert guests and Feature Presenters to cover all the things the show features. For example Kaleidoscope features Guest Presenters: Aleksandra and Joanna Cichuta who investigate health and wellness and look at lifestyle, well-being, healing, and mindfulness to spiritual energy…Its a feel good show...that makes you feel fabulous...after all Action is Life.

Cancer treatment decisions are absolutely critical, and often require input from the patient. Should the patient consider a clinical trial? What are some questions you should ask about treatment? What is the latest and greatest research?

Unlock Your Health


Hosted by Dr. Vijay Murthy ~ a cutting-edge functional medicine and Ayurveda expert.

Unlock Your Health is an iconic, life-changing show

In this new and fascinating series Unlock Your Health, Dr Vijay Murthy will be interviewing health experts with vast experience from a variety of health modalities. He also gives voice to those who have successfully healed themselves of serious illnesses. Dr. Vijay Murthy helps his listeners to understand their own health challenges and explore possible solutions by bringing together science, medical expertise and wisdom traditions. The listener will be walking away with thoughts, ideas and inspiration to make life-changing choices to support their journey to health and wellbeing.

Voices of Courage is a Power Packed Radio - Podcast & TV Show where audiences engage to grow their business and transform their life’s. The 60-minute weekly shows are provocative, entertaining and transformational. Audiences are challenged to see the unseeable, know the unknowable and do the impossible.
The Yes to Life Show is all about cancer. As we rapidly approach the point where half of us will get cancer, there are some pretty stark questions facing us that the show attempts to throw light on:

  • What are we doing wrong?
  • Why has the colossal investment in research produced so few answers?
  • What are we missing?
  • And crucially to all the above – What is cancer?
In pursuing these questions, Robin Daly talks to a fascinating mix of scientists, oncologists, practitioners and extraordinary survivors who have exceeded all expectations by thinking outside of ‘the box’. Questions are asked about that box, what its assumptions are, what is in there and why, and what the strengths and weaknesses of ‘in the box’ approaches are. The show also casts a wide net outside ‘the box’, looking at any approaches that could be of benefit to those with cancer. And the question of the merits of Integrative Medicine, a judicious combination of all potentially useful  approaches that dispenses with the box altogether in the interests of the patient, features prominently.
Intro music to the Yes to Life Show generously provided by composer and guitarist Clive Carroll:                                                    ‘Black Nile’ from the album ‘The Red Guitar’ by Clive Carroll CCO11104
Join Kino MacGregor, one of the world’s master yoga teachers, as she shares her yoga life hacks to translate the wisdom of yoga into a happier, more peaceful, more loving life. Listen to authentic, raw conversations and talks from Kino on her own and with real students about what yoga is really all about. Ignite or rekindle your inner spark to get on your mat and keep practicing.
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