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It is our pleasure to announce this milestone issue of Health Triangle Magazine – Issue 70!

Featured Topics:

      • The Health Focus is: Top 10 Healthy Heart Tips
      • 5 Ways to improve your health by Caroline Osborne
      • Nutrition – Love Your Guts for Good Health
      • You can’t heal your body if you hate it by Catherine Carrigan
      • UK Health Radio Awards 2019 – Call for Entries
      • Energy Balancing through stillness by Clara Apollo
      • The truth about Alcoholics Anonymous by Louise F.
      • Medical Marvel Moments, Weird & Wonderful facts by Amanda Thomas
      • Feel Fully alive this Summer by Danielle Sax
      • The Emotional Impact of Cancer by Diane Leopard
      • The Power of Having Enough by Chrissy B
      • Summer Wellbeing by Janey Lee Grace
      • Can eating Pinapple really help to improve fertility? by Kate Davies
      • Plant Power by Kirsten Hartvig
      • The Healing Revolution by Dr. Frank King
      • Empower your Divine Feminine by Joanne-Divine Life Yogini
      • The World’s first Compostable Wound Care Solution
      • Diabetes Corner by Maureen Sullivan
      • Yes to Life Robin Daly’s recent guests on the Yes to Life Show
      • Meet the Charity by Janey Lee Grace
      • The Diabetes Sweet Spot by Peter Allton
      • Carers Today
      • Poetry Corner
      • Yoga Selfies by Vidhi Sadana
      • New on UK Health Radio –
        • The ‘D’ Word … a show that talks about dementia…
        • Talk Fertility … issues affecting our fertility…
        • Brain Health & Beyond … neurologists, scientists, specialists in behaviour science, authors, public health advocates and…


Word from our editor Mr Reg Starkey.


Welcome to the 70th edition of Health Triangle! It includes a call for Entries and Nominations for
UK Health Radio’s own Outstanding Contribution Awards 2019 – plus over 70 pages of words and pictures, from contributors old and new who share their expert opinions, practical experience and optimism for improving every single situation that may confront us. Some may be as familiar as arguments in favour of mother’s milk and apple pie. Others are intriguingly personal – yet with
potentially universal value – like using photographic images to capture how it feels along the journey of recovery from cancer. Not precisely how it is but roughly how it feels, as
a way of opening the dialogue and activating comforting conversations.

We all have choices every day and the choices we make will directly affect both the length and the quality of our lives. For example, there is an invisible line between normal social drinking and problem-drinking. Once it is crossed, the problem is not so much stopping, as staying stopped, yet
there is a solution available in confidential self help groups. From personal experience, an anonymous contributor seeks to clarify the role and mission of AA… Others offer numerous top tips on a variety of other health issues, all well worth considering. We are also delighted to introduce
several exciting new broadcasters and to reintroduce others, like Janey Lee Grace, who wish to recognise and reward excellence through annual Awards. Remember, you can play your part by nominating potential winners in UK Health Radio’s Outstanding Contribution Awards 2019!

Enjoy this 70th edition and please let us know your thoughts and your feelings about it. Your feedback is always welcome – in words or in pictures!

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