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It is our pleasure to announce the latest issue of Health Triangle Magazine – Issue 95!

Featured Topics:

  • Health Focus: Walking for health
  • Self Care: Why we better put our Happiness first by Danielle Sax
  • Thyroid Medicine is NOT all the same by Silvia de Sousa
  • Breaking News: New Health and Social Care Levy to raise £36 billion over next 3 years
  • The Janey Loves Platinum Awards – Highlighting some of this years winners by Janey Lee Grace
  • Poetry Corner – I’ll explain by James Fenton
  • Diabetes Sweet Spot & Footnotes: Oc-Toe-ber, International “Keep your feet” month by Peter Allton
  • Addiction: Thoughts on Drinking by Louise F.
  • Brain Grain by Leaha Mattinson
  • Gardens as Catalysts for Change
  • Medical Marvel Moments, Weird & Wonderful Facts by Amanda Thomas
  • Yoga with Kino: When things don’t go your way, Yoga happens by Kino MacGregor
  • The Inspirers by Janey Lee Grace
  • Diabetes Corner: Diabetes & Covid19’s Delta Variant Infection by Maureen Sullivan
  • Shaking off the Dust by Cindy Hurn
  • Yes to Life Robin Daly’s recent guests on the Yes to Life Show
  • Book Review by Reg Starkey: 16 Seconds Raising your Vibrations out of Fear by Divine Life Yogini
  • Financial Planning for Differently Abled by Leaha Mattinson
  • Retrospective Exhibition at Tate Modern
  • TV & Movie Reviews
  • Programme Schedule


“Walking is man”s best medicine.”

The Ancient Greek physician, who lived well over 2000 years ago, has been called the father of western medicine. He was keen on the benefits of walking for both body and mind. He said: “If you’re in a bad mood, go for a walk. If you’re still in a bad mood, go for another walk!” Nietzsche believed that the best thoughts come to us when we’re walking.

The new edition is packed full with good ideas! This month our regular NHS feature focuses on the undeniable benefits of just 10 minutes brisk walking every day. If you can still sing while you’re doing it, it’s not brisk enough! Our very own foot expert, Peter Allton, devotes his footnotes this month to the importance to giving our feet the loving care and attention they deserve so that they can carry us well into the future.

Life coach Cindy Hurn also waxes lyrical about the benefits of walking and connecting with all that nature is ready and willing to give us any time we choose to venture out. As the conkers start to fall from the chestnut trees this Autumn, we’d be bonkers not to enjoy the crisp fresh air and the wealth of beauty all around us. We invite you to read everything and then put your best foot forward: walk the talk!

Thank you!

Reg Starkey


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