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It is our pleasure to announce the latest issue of Health Triangle Magazine – Issue 96!

Featured Topics:

  • Health Focus: Should you cut out bread to stop boating?
  • Breaking News: Fertility falls to an all-time low
  • Self Care: 3 Reasons to motivate yourself to MOVE by Danielle Sax
  • Introducing the Complementary Therapy Awards 2022
  • Is the virus killing your relationships too? by Leaha Mattinson
  • Diabetes Corner: Diabetes and the upcoming Flu Season by Maureen Sullivan
  • Phage Therapy Research brings scientists a step closer to harnessing viruses to fight antibiotic resistance
  • Keeping it in the family by Janey Lee Grace
  • Resentment: The power of prayer by Louise F.
  • Living a Fabulous life after 50! by Jenni Russell
  • My Congenital Hypothyroid Lockdown Baby by Faye Press
  • Miracles are Magic in Motion by Clara Apollo
  • Garden of Eden Diet by Divine Life Yogini
  • Poetry Corner – Advertisement by Wendy Cope
  • Yoga with Kino: The day Social media died by Kino MacGregor
  • Lessons from the Chestnut Tree by Cindy Hurn
  • Look after your liver by Janey Lee Grace
  • Medical Marvel Moments, Weird & Wonderful Facts by Amanda Thomas
  • Footnotes: Jericho Foot by Peter Allton
  • Behind Botanicals by Leaha Mattinson
  • Meet the Team. Introducing two new shows to UK Health Radio
  • Yes to Life Robin Daly’s recent guests on the Yes to Life Show
  • TV & Movie Reviews
  • Programme Schedule


“Sun. Rest. Exercise. Diet. Self-respect. And friends.”

These are the six key life-affirming elements identified by the one and only Charlie Chaplin as his essentials for a healthy life. (He died in his sleep aged 88 so it worked for him!)

This edition of Health Triangle magazine covers all six of these topics, with a special emphasis on exercise and diet – even Poetry Corner features carrots! Our regular NHS piece focuses on the common side effects of processed flour and gluten, while the Divine Yogini reveals her Garden of Eden diet with her reliably abundant positive passion. We recognise the renewed popularity of Botanicals and even our house ad for UK Health Radio relies on a strawberry and cream to illustrate its Big Idea!

Yes to Life looks at the value of diet in dealing with cancer, considering both gender and ethnicity. Many contributors reflect the debilitating impact of the prolonged pandemic, including the lowest fertility rate since records began on the one hand and higher levels of drug and alcohol abuse on the other – sure signs of low-grade depression and a lack of self-respect.

Motivation, movement and a belief in miraculous outcomes, you’ll find them all in this issue, including news of the new Complementary Therapy Awards. Meanwhile morning sunshine on your skin will contribute to your Vitamin D. 
A good walk, with friends, every day, really will help you work, rest and play!

Thank you!

Reg Starkey


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