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It is our pleasure to announce the latest issue of Health Triangle Magazine – Issue 73!

Featured Topics:

  • 3    Editorial
  • 6    Health Focus – Body Piercing
  • 10  How to Feel Confident by Geeta Sidhu-Robb
  • 12  UK Health Radio Awards 2019 – Call for Entries
  • 14  The Healing Revolution by Dr. Frank King
  • 16  Platinum Award 2019 Winners by Janey Lee Grace
  • 22  Mental Health by Chrissy B
  • 24  Diabetes Corner by Maureen Sullivan
  • 25  Medical Marvel Moments, Weird & Wonderful facts by Amanda Thomas
  • 26  “I deserve…” Serious Self-Care from a different perspective by Danielle Sax
  • 28  Plant Power by Kirsten Hartvig
  • 32  Your Emotional Anatomy by Catherine Carrigan
  • 36  The Diabetes Sweet Spot by Peter Allton
  • 40  Yes to Life Robin Daly’s recent guests on the Yes to Life Show
  • 45  The truth about Alcoholics Anonymous by Louise F.
  • 46  Meet the Team
  • 47 Poetry Corner
  • 48 Film Reviews
  • 50 Programme Schedule


Word from our editor Mr Reg Starkey.


In this issue, we open with Piercing, a legally self-inflicted wound. The copy makes no comment on the social values involved and focuses instead only on the medical issues. Later we get into value judgements as Janie Lee Grace announces her Platinum Award winners 2019 and UK Health

Radio reminds you of its fast-approaching closing date for entries.

Then we look at dealing effectively with self-limiting beliefs using the power of the mind to overcome self-doubt based on empirical evidence that feelings follow behaviour. Medical Marvels claims around 100,000 heartbeats per person per day, which Tony Robbins would interpret that as

100,000 daily opportunities to change! In the UK, research suggests that most people tend to ‘do what they’ve always done’ and turn to the NHS to pick up the pieces when illness strikes. Diabetes and associated complications cost the NHS an estimated £3 billion per annum. £millions could be saved. Limbs and lives could be saved as well. All it would take is a change in behaviour, the ending of bad habits on diet and exercise. Bill Gates is on record saying “Treatment without prevention is simply unsustainable.” Some centuries before him Buddha said it all:

“Health is the greatest gift, contentment is the greatest wealth, faithfulness is the best relationship.”

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