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It is our pleasure to announce the latest issue of Health Triangle Magazine – Issue 97!

Featured Topics:

  • Health Focus: Broken Arm or Wrist?
  • Breaking News: Government Report contains evidence of potentially negative effects of Covid vaccination on the innate immune system
  • Self Care: The one Xmas gift you take for granted by Danielle Sax
  • Addiction: 12 Step Denial by Louise F.
  • Back Pain and the Back Pain Charity by Mike Dilke
  • Introducing the Complementary Therapy Awards 2022
  • Book Review by Reg Starkey: Be More Wrong
  • Emotionally Abusive Relationships by Natalia Kotowska
  • Christmas & New Year 2021 by Janey Lee Grace
  • Business Health: Skilling you Softly by Paul Rees
  • Diabetes Sweet Spot at Christmas by Peter Allton
  • Hatha & Kundalini Yoga by Divine Life Yogini
  • Research: New study identifies thousands of novel brain-expressed gene isoforms
  • Why we all need a Physical Pension Plan by Jenni Russell
  • Liver Disease the Silent Killer by Reg Starkey
  • JOMO – The Joy of Missing Out by Janey Lee Grace
  • Medical Marvel Moments, Weird & Wonderful Facts by Amanda Thomas
  • Yoga with Kino: The day Social media died by Kino MacGregor
  • The invisible illness of the brain by Leaha Mattinson
  • Qigong: The power of Repetition by Clara Apollo
  • Poetry Corner – Healers by Helen McCarthy
  • Obesity: Arterial stiffness in adolescence may potentially cause hypertension and obesity in young adulthood
  • Winter Footnotes – Feet in snow by Peter Allton
  • Diabetes Corner: Diabetes and the holidays by Maureen Sullivan
  • Are Botanicals Safe? by Leaha Mattinson
  • Extreme Sports: The Marathon des Sables by Sam Bulkeley
  • Yes to Life Robin Daly’s recent guests on the Yes to Life Show
  • Acupuncture and PTSD
  • TV & Movie Reviews
  • Programme Schedule


“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The realist adjusts the sails.”

These wise words were written by the American motivational writer, William Arthur Ward. This final bumper edition of Health Triangle magazine reflects their wisdom. The NHS feature focuses on the best response to a fractured arm. In Poetry Corner, Helen McCarthy shares from personal experience how it feels to be on the front line of the pandemic for months and months on end. Other contributors acknowledge the pure joy of simply being able to breathe! Janey Lee Grace introduces the idea of JOMO – the joy of missing out! The joy of missing out on unwise decisions made under the influence of alcohol, typically resulting in awful mornings after hazy nights before.

With new mutations, Covid continues to cast a dark shadow across the world, severely restricting our freedom of movement while we wait for the data to liberate us once more. Meanwhile our minds are our most useful muscles. Attitude is everything. See ‘Skilling you Softly‘ and ‘Yes to Life’ as primary examples. Wishing you a peaceful end to 2021 and an optimistic start to 2022.

“God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change. Courage to change the things we can. And the wisdom to know the difference.”


Reg Starkey


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